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Orange Cup May 5, 2008

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So….I sort of picked my wordpress URL as a joke.  As I mentioned before, I just grasped one of the current desires floating around my brain (heart?) at the time.  And there you have it:  Frozen  Yogurt. 

However, who knew I would stay so true to my URL by writing my first “real” post about – what else – frozen yogurt?

I had the pleasure of visiting Dallas this weekend, and having read about Orange Cup on Gridskipper, was determined to have a looksie.

It’s the first location – in Dallas’ Northpark Mall, and I let my love for fro-yo trump the fact that it was started by a bunch of longhorns.  (hisss)  Anyways, all I can say is – YUM!

It’s so fantastic because that they take your order and print out a lil’ sticker with your name on it and your order (in my case:  a small ‘natural’ with strawberries and granola).  At first I thought – Neat!  This helps the yogurt swirlers keep everything straight.  But then I got my Orange cup and – lo and behold – there were NUTRITION facts on my sticker!!  Nutrition facts!  All I remember is calories and protein, but that was enough for me.  It had calculated everything – including my toppings of choice.  It was a sweet 159 calories.  Then I was happy to blow my low-calorie day on PF Changs.  Oh well, it was the weekend, right?

Granted, they sort of copy-catted pinkberry a little…..and they’re LONGHORNS.  But still – I can’t wait for them to come to Houston!


I’m back. And bored. April 9, 2008

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Alright, I’m not really bored.  I just got tired of not writing about stuff. 

Sometimes I’ll hear about something, read something, or have a hilarious conversation….and I’m like “Dang!  I need my blog back!” 

So on a whim I came to wordpress.com and set this mother up.  Why did I choose the domain frozenyogurt.wordpress.com?  Because at that moment when the big red box was forcing me to choose one, I thought “what’s one thing I really want RIGHT now…?”  And there you have it.  I love frozen yogurt.  I could have gone with goldfish.wordpress.com but I didn’t have that thought til just now. 

Crap – that one’s better.

Anyhow, now worries:  much like before, I will generally never touch on subjects any more serious than animated films or my dog’s two-inch legs.